This list covers all volumes of the Marx–Engels Cyclopedia. Alphabetization is letter-by-letter. Some standard abbreviations in general use may not be included.

Many of these abbreviations are used only in certain limited contexts, where their meanings are probably clear anyway. There is one extreme case, the letter E, which is used in three ways: for “Engels,” throughout the Cyclopedia; for “English” only after the entry titles in the Register; and for “East” in common geographical names.

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A In dates: early part (first quarter) of month
AB In dates: first half of month
Addr Esp in titles: Address
AFL American Federation of Labor
Angl. Anglicized (form)
App. Appendix
Apr April
assoc(s) association(s)
Aug August
AZ Allgerneine Zeitung (of Augsburg)
b. born
Bd. Band (Ger. = volume); or Board
betw between
bk book
BM British Museum (Library)
BM Cat.  British Museum Library catalog
BN Bibliothèque Nationale (Paris)
BN Cat.  Bibliothèque Nationale catalog
Brit. British
c. With dates: circa, about
ca. In text: circa, about
cc Central Committee
CC/CL Central Committee of the Communist League
CCC Communist Correspondence Committee (Brussels)
CCNG Central Committee of the National Guard (in Paris Commune)
CD In dates: second half of month
cf compare
Ch. Chapter
Chron. Marx–Engels Chronicle (Vol. I of this Cyclopedia)
CL Communist League
CC/CL Same as CC/CL,q.v.
com communist
comm committee
commsn commission
cont'd continued
contribd contributed
corr secy corresponding secretary
CP Communist party
CPC Communist publishing complex. (See Preface to Vol. II.)
CPSFW Cooperative Publishing Society of Foreign Workers in the USSR. (See Preface to Vol. II.)
(D) In Register: date; dateline
d. dated
DBMOF Jean Maitron, ed., Dictionnaire biographique du mouvement ouvrier français
DBZ Deutsche–Brüsseler–Zeitung (Brussels)
Dec December
Demo Democratic
Demo Wochenblatt Demokratisches Wochenblatt. (See Glossary.)
DFJ Deutsch–Französische Jahrbücher (Paris)
do. In Register: ditto (i.e., same translation title as the preceding)
D&A Dubiosa and Apocrypha. (See Preface to Vol. II.)
E Engels
E. In geog. names: East
(E) In Register, after entry title: English
ed editor
ed bd editorial board
ed by edited by
ed note editorial note
edit editorial
edn edition
Eng. England
erron. erroneous(ly)
esp especially
et al and others
Exec Executive (Committee, Board)
Feb February
FLPH Foreign Languages Publishing House (Moscow)
FP Free Press (London)
Fr. French;France
GC General Council (of the IWMA)
GC/IWMA General Council of the IWMA
GCFI The set titled General Council of the First International. (See ST/21.)
Gen. General
gen secy general secretary
Ger. German; Germany
GGWA General German Workers Association (Lassalleans). (See Glossary.)
Gr Brit Great Britain
GWEA German Workers Educational Association. (See Glossary.)
i.a. inter alia, inter alii; among others, among other things
IISH International Institute for Social History (Amsterdam)
ILP Independent Labour party (Brit.)
IML Institute of Marxism–Leninism (Moscow or E. Berlin). (See Glossary for name variation.)
incl including
ind independent (translation)
info information
installs installments
int'l international
Int'l Pub International Publishers (New York)
intro introduction
intro note introductory note
irreg. irregular
It. Italy; Italian
Ital. Italian
IWMA International Working Men's Association (the First International)
IWMA/GC General Council of the IWMA
J. In titles: journal
Jan January
Kerr Charles H. Kerr, publishers (Chicago)
KMC The book Karl Marx, Chronik seines Lebens (Moscow, 1934). (See Preface to Vol. I.)
KZ Kölnische Zeitung (Cologne)
Labour Mo. Labour Monthly (London)
L., Laura Laura (Marx) Lafargue. (See “Marx, Laura,” in Glossary.)
Lib Library
Lon In imprints: London
Itr letter
L&W Lawrence & Wishart, publishers (London)
M Marx
M In dates: middle of month
M&E Marx and Engels
Mar March
ME Marx and Engels (as joint authors, etc.)
M–E Marx–Engels
M/E Marx or Engels
MEC Marx–Engels Cyclopedia
MECW Marx–Engels, Collected Works. (See the General Introduction.)
MEGA Marx–Engels Gesamtausgabe (1927–35), the old MEGA. (For the new edition, see New Mega, below. See also the General Introduction.)
ME:SW Marx–Engels, Selected Works in Three Volumes (Moscow, 1969–70). (See ST/ME64.)
MEW Marx–Engels Werke (Berlin, 1956–68). (See the General Introduction.)
MEW Daten The Chronology section in MEW. (See the Preface to Vol. I.)
Min In cabinet titles: Minister
Mos In imprints: Moscow
ms manuscript
mss manuscripts
NAC New American Cyclopaedia (New York)
NB Nota bene
n.d. no date
NDZ Neue Deutsche Zeitung (Darmstadt, Frankfurt)
Neth. Netherlands
New Mega New edition, Marx–Engels Gesamtausgabe (Berlin, 1975 ), in progress. (See the General Introduction.)
NG National Guard (Paris)
NMW New Moral World (London), Owenite organ
N. north
no. number
Nov November
NOZ Neue Oder–Zeitung (Breslau)
NRZ Neue Rheinische Zeitung (Cologne, 1848–49), ed by Marx
NRZ–Revue Neue Rheinische Zeitung, politisch–ökonomische Revue (London, 1850), magazine, ed by Marx
NS Northern Star (Leeds, London)
n.s. In periodical dating: new series
N/s Not signed; no signature
N/t No title
NUC National Union Catalog
NY New York
NYC New York City
NYDT New York Daily Tribune
NYLNCo New York Labor News Company (SLP publishers)
NYSWT New York Semi-Weekly Tribune (edition of NYDT)
NYWT New York Weekly Tribune (edition of NYDT)
NZ Neue Zeit (Stuttgart)
N–Ztg National–Zeitung (Berlin)
Oct October
organizn organization
orig original; originally
(P) In Register: published; publishing data
para paragraph
PMG Pall Mall Gazette (London)
polit political
polit eco political economy
PP People's Paper (London)
(P/P) In Register: posthumously published
Pr In imprints: Press
pres president
prob probably
Prof Professor
Prog Pub Progress Publishers (Moscow)
Prov Government Provisional Government
pubd published
publ publication
pub'r publisher
pubs publishes
q.v. which see
re; in re regarding; in regard to
(Re) In Register: reprint, republication
rec'd received
reorganizn reorganization
repr representative
repr'd reprinted
repubd republished
republ republication
repubs republishes
resp respectively
retrans retranslation
retransd retranslated
retrotrans retrotranslation
rev revised (edition)
Rev In titles: Review
Revol. Zent. Revolutionäre Zentralisation (group)
RZ Rheinische Zeitung (Cologne), ed by Marx
S. South
(S) In Register: Source. (See Vol. II, “Guide to Register Entry.”)
S-D Social-Democratic
SDF Social-Democratic Federation (Brit.)
SDWP Social-Democratic Workers party. (See Glossary.)
secy secretary
Sep September
SL Socialist League (Brit.)
SLP Socialist Labor party (U.S.)
SP Socialist party
Sp. Spain
[Sp.] In Register: Spanish
specif specifically
SPGB Socialist Party of Great Britain
ST Sources & Translations: see the “ST” List in Vol. II.
Sub–Comm Sub-Committee (of the IWMA/GC; see ¶ 64:30, note, in the Chronicle.
subseq(ly) subsequent(ly)
SUCR Société Universelle des Communistes Révolutionnaires. (See #ME80 or Glossary.)
t. tome (Fr. = volume)
TfD Telegraph für Deutschland (Frankfurt, Hamburg)
t.p. title page
(Tr) In Register: translation(s) into English
trans translation
transd translated
TU trade union
U. University
UGWA Union of German Workers Associations. (See Glossary.)
unanim unanimously
Univ. University
unpubd unpublished
US United States
v. volume
vice–pres vice-president
VJ Volunteer Journal
vol. volume(s)
vs versus
W. West
(W) In Register: written; data on composition
WA Workers Association
WEA Workers Educational Association
WP Workers party. (See “French Workers party” in Glossary.)
W&P In Chronicle rubrics: Writings and Publications
Ztg Zeitung (in German newspaper titles)